Swift Pest Control

Whether you are a householder or a commercial venture, pests are a problem that needs tackling - and fast! Pests damage and contaminate food, gnaw through electrical cables and cause disease. If you are a commercial venture it could mean loss of business, reputation and even closure. Call out Swift Pest Control (the clue is in the name) and we will be on the spot within 24 hours. With eight years in the industry, there aren't many pests we haven't come across and none have got the better of us yet.

That experience means that you can rest-assured that we will tackle any pest problems quickly and effectively. When we are done, Swift Pest Control will also offer advice on how to make sure the problem doesn't happen again. We serve both householders and businesses. Swift Pest Control offers commercial and industrial pest prevention programmes, a one-off treatment and long term advice on pest prevention.