RIDTEK Pest Control Basingstoke

RIDTEK is an Independent fast growing Family owned Pest Control business operated by Shane and Roo Jones which is located in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

You could say that Pest Control is in our blood. It all started way back in the 1920's in South Eastern Australia when Shane's great grandfather Hof was employed as a rabbit trapper during the great rabbit outbreak. This tradition was carried on through vermin eradication with Shanes Grandfather and Uncle through the 1970's and 80's. Shane & Roo decided that creating a business here in the U.K. and drawing from many years of experience would be an exciting venture. This has proved to be the case as the business continues to grow. The RIDTEK name comes from the abreviation of Rodent & Insect Defence TEK.

Shane was living in Far North Queensland and working on the crocdile tours when he met Roo, who was travelling from England, and they where married in Cape Tribulation in 1996.