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They are largely crepuscular, being most active around dawn and dusk, although they are not infrequently seen active during the day. During the day, rabbits prefer to remain undercover in gorse, long grass or bushes which they use for protection from predators. Rabbits require at least 55% water content in their diet to reproduce successfully and to maintain a healthy condition. Rabbits are essentially mixed-feeders, both grazing and browsing, but grass is their primary food source. They can produce four to seven litters of offspring per year; and some mature females can be pregnant continuously for up to eight months and are capable of becoming pregnant again a few hours after giving birth.

One quite stunning example of the reproductive powers of the rabbit is what happened when the rabbit was introduced to Australia. Twenty-four European rabbits were introduced in 1859 by estate owner Thomas Austin in Victoria. They soon spread throughout the country due to the lack of natural predators.