Pest problems are a fact of life. In their search for food and shelter pests are indiscriminate about inhabiting any building. Pests are not just unpleasant to deal with, they spread disease, damage property and reputations. A pest problem does not necessarily mean that your premises are unclean or you are doing anything wrong. Pests may just appear every now and again, and that's where Pestteam come in. Pestteam is a Malvern/Ledbury based company, with customers in surrounding of Tewkesbury, Newent and Ross-on-Wye. Offering a complete range of vermin control services. Pestteam are specialists in animal, bird and insect pest control on residential, agricultural and commercial land. We are sympathetic with the surrounding environment and other wildlife by using safe and appropriate methods of control and providing information and advice on how to stay free of pests.