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There are many species of ants throughout the world but only a handful can survive in the UK climate. Once in your home Ants will tend to explore and travel extensively to scope out surroundings in search of food, some follow trails that have been previously exploited and some cluster around particular sources of food. They do this to maximize the amount of food that they can provide their queen with all the young she will produce. This also helps.

Bed Bug Characteristics Bed bugs are wingless insects; they have 6 legs, an oval shape body and are 5mm in length. They are a light yellow translucent colour; once they have reached adulthood they become a reddish-brown colour. Their complexion becomes darker when they have eaten their blood meal. Where can I find them? Bed bugs are found where people tend to rest or sleep (hence their name). They are amazing hiders, disappearing into the smallest of places.