P C Pest Control

Paul and Carl Wheeler run PC Pest Control, a Yorkshire based firm that specialises in bird-proofing and cleaning out potentially hazardous bird waste. The company, set up in 1999, stops birds roosting and nesting on all types of buildings, from ordinary homes to listed buildings. We also clean out any waste - called fouling that birds leave behind. As well as being capable of passing nasty and even fatal diseases on to humans, fouling contains acids which cause staining and cause damage to stone, brickwork and metalwork. Birds' nests and feathers can block drains and gutters, and in warmer weather dust can become airborne and could be blown into buildings through open doors, windows and air conditioning units. Under the Food Safety Act 1990 businesses ca be fined up to £20,000, premises can be closed and bosses jailed for failing to protect their employees from animal pests. We are a small company but we service clients nationwide.