Europest Environmental Services

Flying Insect Control is just one of the premier services provided by the Europest team. Flies have been linked to a number of health hazards as they spread harmful bacteria throughout your home and workplace. As well as posing various health risks, flying insects cause a nuisance for your family, staff or visiting clients. Europest's highly skilled team ensure your property's flying insect issues quickly become a thing of the past. Our technicians use three essential steps in the quest for an insect-free property.

Our exclusion, restriction and destruction methods provide a complete solution for infestations of blow, lesser house, house, cluster, drain and fruit flies as well as mosquitoes. Here at Europest, we also provide a range of bird control programs for sites overrun with pigeons, seagulls and other nuisance species. Our falconry service offers an effective deterrent that goes back to nature and utilizes the predator/prey relationship.