Axholme Pest Control

For our rodent control programmes we incorporate a variety of techniques and effective rodenticides, the choice of which depends on the location and size of problem.

In our initial site survey report, we include advice on general housekeeping, hygiene and proofing to lessen the chances of problems occurring. If required, baiting is carried out using 2nd generation rodenticide's within tamper resistant bait stations so that they are inaccessible to prying fingers and non target animals.

The control of insects is essential. They spread disease, they contaminate and destroy food, and they can cause extensive damage to property. With this in mind we can provide monitoring programme's designed to seek out any insect problems so that they can be dealt with swiftly with appropriate methods. We also offer an insect identification service and biologist reports so that correct methods of control are used to eliminate insect infestations.